He’s The Guy “Arise And Shine Princess!”


They are just part of the sweet and most romantic lines he gives me every morning. For so long he had been a stranger to me, and I regret that. Sometimes, I just wish that God would put some kind of unique mark on soulmates, so you would meet yours as soon as you open your eyes. Hahaha funny thought I know. I had been through hell of relationships before I met my Knight in shining armour, that’s just an understatement, I actually can’t find the right sweetest name for him right now. As I was saying, I had been through a hell of relationships before he came in. I used to actually cry a lot and wonder why all men are the same. Hahaha, I hadn’t dated all, but the phrase was kind of common and I thought of placing it too. There was a little heaven in them, but no!! I don’t miss that anymore because they used to be seasonal.

One day, I would be someone’s ride or die and the next, boof! Just like the pull of a trigger, I would be their trash! I never knew I was ignoring the love of my life, calling him names, being rude to him all this while. Yes, he was the ideal man every girl dreams of; tall, dark and handsome, not forgetting masculine!.

He loved me, I ignored him!

He trusted me; I trusted another!

He sought love in a heart I had already given to another.

I didn’t care anyway, because I thought I was sailing with my future husband already. The one I loved cheated on me. I begged him for forgiveness, instead of vice versa. I didn’t want to lose him. No! Then the saying “What goes around comes around” hit me hard.
I had to move fast. Yes, what you are thinking is right actually. The guy I always ignored took the broken me and built me.

He was nothing like the other guy but was everything I ever wanted. His eyes are true and so are his actions. He is just the kind of guy you think about, and all-night mares just become sweet dreams. The kind you search for in every other man but never find. The one whose marriage proposal you can’t wait to accept.

Actually, on second thought, should I just break culture and propose to him? Do I go on one knee and ask him to marry me? That’s what I’m thinking!

Credit: Lucy Wairimu is a 19-year-old student studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at Kenyatta University. Poetry is her hobby and talent and she mostly writes on love and life issues.

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