Does Hope Really Exist?


Linguistically, hope can be defined as the belief or expectation that something wished for, can or will happen. To Christians, hope is one of the virtues which fuels the human vehicle destined for heaven. To me, a Christian too, hope is just, but a human creation which has no impact or any effect on the fate of the human race. Hope is just a temporary barrier, which gives us short lasting refuge from reality. Hope without faith cannot change anything. Hope acts as a buffer, which protects us from the reality until it (reality) hits us straight in the face.

Having hope, doesn’t mean that reality will not manifest itself. In fact, hope is the indirect opposite of reality. Hoping for a brighter future will not prevent predestined miseries from coming your way. Hope brings nothing but frustrations and self-denials in human life. When you invest too much of your focus in hope, you are most likely to be completely shielded from the reality. Being shielded from it does not mean that you will not face it. You must face it no matter the amount of contrary hope/expectation. When a hard reality which is contrary to your hope finally manifests itself in your life, you are most likely to get frustrated and start thinking of yourself as a failure.

Let’s say for example you have the hope of getting a job promotion in the next three months. Two months pass, and you are eagerly waiting for the next month hoping that your bank accounts would look otherwise and that your sitting position in the office will change for the better. Towards the start of the big month, reality, a non-respecter of hope manifests itself. Your company announces that due to significant reduction in its profits, some employees will be retrenched. Unfortunately, you are among those listed for retrenchment. At this time, reality hits you, and hope has not even a single portion in you. What follows are frustrations and too much stress, which if not properly managed may even lead to suicide.

Clearly, hope is just like the goals we set for ourselves and which we rarely achieve. Reality is sometimes the exact opposite of hope. It is best to base your life on reality rather than false hope (hope which is always false). When your life is based on reality, you will rely on the utmost reality which is nature/destiny. You will have no hope that things will get better in any way, but you will always be sure that you must be who you were created to be. You will have complete trust in nature, and you will always be at home with whatever nature serves on the table. Almost all religions believe in predestination and a ‘Mighty Being’ whose will, must be done. The ‘Mighty Being’ predestines us, and we cannot change what He has in store for us, no matter the hope we have. It is time that man starts living in reality and abandons this non-existent phenomenon of love.

Credits:  Daniel Dereva Nzomo is a third-year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology interested in philosophical subjects.

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