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Running your kitchen just got easier with these items

LG Multi Door Refrigerator

Want more space? Want easier access to items? Want to save energy? This is the refrigerator for you; it has been designed with sophistication, flexibility and convenience in mind. Its Door-in-Door feature means extra storage space. What’s more, it makes it easier to locate your sought-after food and beverage items and helps to reduce cold air escape compared to conventional refrigerators where accessing foods means opening the one fridge door, exposing the entire fridge. Inside the main door is the Slim, In-Door Ice Maker, at the recessed area at the bottom of the main compartment is “Extra Space”, perfect for your small foods, and there’s a folding shelf wsshich, because it folds away, makes more room for larger items. The freezer section has a multi drawer freezer and sliding shelf. Other unique features are the Pure N Fresh air purification system which helps keep food fresher for longer and an Inverter Linear Compressor that makes the fridge use less energy and operate quietly.

Sh389,500, LG retailers countrywide

Samsung HotBlast Smart Oven

If you’re looking for something that operates faster than conventional ovens, then you’d be pleased to know that the Samsung HotBlast Smart Oven operates 50 percent quicker. This is because it incorporates the HotBlast technology, which blasts powerful hot air directly onto food from 60, equally distributed air holes and has a fan that is 1.6 times bigger than regular ovens. The oven also has a 2250w PowerGrill Duo with wider heaters for powerful and consistent heat. This means your meat comes out of the oven faster, and will be juicy, crisp and full of flavour. The novel features don’t end there: the Crusty Plate feature allows for even bakes, and browns the top and bottom of frozen foods. And you can grill family-sized meals because the plate is bigger. The Slim Fry technology makes it easier to cook with less oil. The design, sleek and stylish as it is, makes it blend in any kitchen décor.

Sh 29,999, Samsung retailers countrywide

LG Direct Drive Dishwasher

Good tidings to people who want to hear the words sleek, flexible and efficient functionality when they’re looking to buy a dishwasher. LG’s Direct Drive dishwasher comes with the SmartRack feature, which means adjustable shelves that will hold up all kinds of cookware and, combined with the slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor, more room for a third adjustable rack for smaller items such as baking items. The Inverter Direct Drive System makes it run faster than regular dishwashers, thereby making it consume less energy and water. With SmartDiagnosis, you can use your smartphone to easily diagnose problems. And of course, the UV lamp prevents the growth of bacteria and the sterilisation cycle lasts for up to 25 minutes and remains efficient for up to 95 minutes.

Sh89,990, LG retailers countrywide

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