Drink Yourself Frisky


Did you know that drinking green tea can do wonders to a waning libido? Certain substances found in this brew have been found to have libido-boosting properties

Green tea has long been touted as a wonder beverage. Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that help flush out toxins from your body, green tea has fat burning and cancer prevention abilities as its main benefits. There’s a little-known benefit of green tea, however, that just might cause your significant other to grin from ear to ear: green tea can step up your libido!

Green tea has caffeine, L-theanine and ginseng, which separately have been found to improve bedroom antics because they stimulate the part of the brain that regulates arousal. What do you think happens when you combine these three? Red-hot sex life, that is!

Before you ask your man to go and empty the green tea shelves at supermarkets, however, read on.


Researchers from Southwestern University in Texas discovered that increased caffeine intake resulted in an upsurge in arousal in female rats. After being administered caffeine, the female rats were found to be more eager for another round of coupling. The researchers, however, hastened to add that such an effect may only apply to humans who are not regular coffee drinkers.

Before you start downing gallons of coffee, however, please take note that caffeine may also interact with other drugs you may be taking, so it’s best to consult your doctor to make sure caffeine is safe for you. Also, it may be best for those with cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, as well as lower intestinal issues to stay away from caffeine altogether.


The Japanese have been using L-Theanine as a calming agent for decades. Its mood-enhancing effect is due to its ability to increase the calming brain chemical called GABA.

Along with improving your mood, L-Theanine is also known to boost the levels of dopamine produced in the brain which is linked to increased alertness and sexual drive in both men and women.


Ginseng has been revered for centuries in China as nature’s Viagra. Those with erection problems and waning sexual desire have found an ally in this natural aphrodisiac and stamina enhancer.

However, those taking blood-thinning medications as well as those suffering from high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels are advised to stay away from ginseng.

Aside from drinking green tea, there are other ways to breathe life into an otherwise ho-hum sex life: exercise and eating healthy foods. Avoiding substances that tend to put a damper on sexual potencies like tobacco and alcohol will also do wonders.

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