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Movies you should watch this month


This could by far be the scariest movie of 2017. The movie is about the Graham family who has just lost their matriarch, and watching them grapple with a gruesome inheritance made me think twice about this whole inheritance thing. I mean, money and estates are good. But that’s not the inheritance passed on to them by their highly secretive and very difficult matriarch. When she dies, the family starts to work out all the secrets of their demonic ancestry. You might want to remove any hanging coats in your room (or anything draped on a sofa in the room), the night you watch this movie. Or just give in and sleep with the lights on.

On Chesil Beach

The movie is based on Ian McEwan’s book released in 2007, also shortlisted for the Booker Prize the same year. It’s 1962. We meet the young couple, Florence Ponting (played by Saoirse Ronan) and Edward Mayhew (played by Billy Howle) on their wedding night. Everything went well until they got to the point where they had to consummate their marriage (both being virgins), and things move from awkward to disastrous. The film shifts forward and back in time, which gives us a glimpse of why the abortive lovemaking was so hard for both of them, especially for Florence, and how it later impacted their futures.

Leave No Trace

Here is a movie about survival that will tug at your heartstrings. It is based on the book My Abandonment by Peter Rock, originally published in 2009. Ben Foster plays Will, an army veteran and the father of a 13-year-old girl, Tom (played magnificently by the rising star Thomasin McKenzie). They live in a nature reserve in Portland, Oregon, away from the world. They only leave the reserve to buy food. One time, one error leads to their discovery by a lone hiker, and once the authorities are involved, their “idyllic” world is shattered. The movie will get you thinking, and I do recommend that you also read the book.

Sorry to Bother You

When sci-fi meets comedy you get the movie Sorry to Bother You. It is absurd and funny and serious, and well worth the hype. The film is set in an alternate present-day Oakland where Lakeith Stanfield plays a telemarketer called Cassius Green. He lives in his uncle’s garage with his girlfriend Detroit (played by Tessa Thompson). At first when he gets the telemarketing job things aren’t going so well, until he gets the tip to use his “white voice” when making calls, and voilà – opportunities come his way. It is a satirical take on race and capitalism that will make you laugh and think, like a good satire should.


You thought you knew Whitney Houston? We do know a good chunk about her life: she was one of the best vocalists of all time, and, according to the Guinness World Records, the most awarded. And how can we forget the movie The Body Guard and many others? We all know how she came to a tragic end at 48 years old. But there’s more to Whitney that we didn’t know about. This documentary film explores her life through the eyes of friends, family and colleagues in the music industry. Given the tragedies that coloured her life, and given her accomplishments and sad end, the film is both beautiful and sad.

The Guardians

In war movies we rarely ever see the big role women played on the home front. This film focuses on that. The Guardians is an affecting movie that explores the themes of love and strength, especially the strength of women. The men have gone off to war and the women have to pick up the workload.  One character writes in a letter home, “No one will ever know how much we suffer.” But no one also knows what women are enduring back home either. But the thing is, they manage to get by. And when the men come home on leave, emotions flare.


You often hear people say how motherhood is hard but can’t quite come close to grasping how hard it is. Well, unless you’re a mother. And this movie will bring you closer to understanding that. Tully in a nutshell is a brutally honest and brutally funny look at motherhood. Charlize Theron plays a mother of three. She is exhausted – with two young children and one newborn. So exhausted is she that she is headed towards breaking down…until her brother gets her a night nanny, to, you know, help at night so that she can get some rest, and an unlikely friendship develops between the two women.

Life of the Party

This list would not be complete without a roar of a movie featuring Melissa McCarthy. She plays a housewife who has just been divorced. After the divorce, the question is, what is she going to do with her life? She is in her forties and regrets not getting a college degree, which she sets on getting. She enrolls at her daughter’s college and is in the same class as her. And then comes the unmatched campus experience. The parties, the drinking, the weed, the walks of shame, all of them are hilarious. Melissa McCarthy delivers the dollops of laughter we expected from her.

Book Club

In Book Club, we meet four women (Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen) who’ve been running their book club for three decades. When they decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Freed and Fifty Shades Darker, it gets them reevaluating their lives because they’ve only got so long left to live, and they haven’t experienced the full pleasurable life. After a hard day at work, unwind with a glass of wine and this movie for a much-needed laughter. And who knows, it might get you reevaluating your life as well.

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